Thursday, July 28, 2011

Word is Out Comes to Montreal!

Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives
At Cinéma du Parc
July 31 to August 5

It is fitting that the run of Word Is Out at Cinéma du Parc starts right after Divers/Cité ends – an event concentrated on community development...

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Word is Definitely Out Now

Hi, All,

I saw this film for the first time in Manhattan. I was so moved by the stories and felt so much strength, power and camaraderie that I went back the next day with a friend.

At that point, I was married and living in the South. I couldn't imagine ever talking with anyone in my very conservative family about a quiet thread that had been running through my life for several years. Many of the people featured in the film were my age when I first saw it.

Today, I was so excited to open the new DVD version and revisit this brave, powerful and beautiful film. I'd previously shared a VHS version with my partner, but this time, especially with the follow-ups and extras, it just broadened the experience so much. I found myself in tears at several places, thinking of how grateful I was to the filmmakers and to the people who were interviewed. And how exciting to see the film on the day that gay marriage was legalized in the state of NY.

I was stunned at the impact it had on me, once again. This time, I couldn't help thinking about my gay friends who had lost their lives to AIDS...and with those in this film, it had clearly taken a heavy toll.

My partner and I have been together 21 years. We have 6 grandchildren, we've taught the confirmation class at church. I'm even out now in my Southern family, and we're both welcomed and accepted with open arms. When I was honored in Who's Who in American Women, I listed my partner's name. There are times, when I’ve been at the library, that I’ve pulled that volume down and seen both of our names. It was our small way of going down in history.

I guess I wanted to say thank you to everyone who was part of this experience. You've all done a powerful thing and touched a lot of people, especially me.

Andrea Fine

Monday, July 18, 2011

30th Anniversary question

Good day ~

As you’ve heard so many times, this film was the first gay anything I had ever seen, and what a positive model for this scared 17-year-old. I’m ever grateful for the collective’s courage which saved so many of our lives and psyches.

I was curious about Whitey and Cynthia not wanting to be interviewed in the 30th Anniversary edition. Of course they have a right to their privacy, but I can’t get a resounding “Why?” out of my head. Would appreciate if there is any official reason given.


White Ash