Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seeing Word is Out in New Zealand in the late 1970s

My partner Jim and I saw ‘Word is Out’ sometime in the late 1970’s, in Christchurch, New Zealand. We had at that time, been together for about 12 years or so. It was screened at an Arts Theatre at Canterbury University, as it couldn’t get a release in the main stream movie houses. It was a seminal experience for us because of the wonderful people in your movie, and the boost it gave us to realise that people in a completely different country, shared similar problems to us. The feeling of being, for the first time, in a public theatre, surrounded entirely by gay people and their supporters is one we’ll never forget. We were delighted after all this time, to be able to obtain a beautifully restored copy from Amazon, together with the excellent ‘extras’. I can’t tell you how great it’s been for us to meet up with you all again. I just hope that today’s young people will get as much from it as we did. Thank you! We love you all! David Ashleigh