Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting Whitey

1977, I saw "Out" in S.F. and recognized Whitey. I had rub into her in New York City, in 1963 or was it 64? I was coming home from work and got off at Sheridan Square up town subway station. As I approached the exit turnstile, I heard a girl crying loudly. She looked like a 15-16 year old Whitey, w/ the same long hair and she ran from the turnstile toward the accelerating train. I stopped her and asked what was wrong. Over the noise of the departing train, I thought she said, "my mother hates me." Then clearly, "she told me how ugly I am."

I wanted to comfort her & offer her my apt, as a sanctuary but I was living w/ a fascinating bi dyke (10yrs older). While trying to think of what to do, an Italian straight looking man in his upper 20's took over. I wonder if W remembers me, a 5'6" Asian boy of 15.

BTW That station is across the street from the 1969 Stonewall, which was just around the corner from Village Voice, they did NOT cover 1969 historic event.

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