Monday, October 18, 2010

Seen at the London Film Festival, Sept. 2010

I clearly remember seeing this wonderful film, in London, in the 70s. At the time I was struggling with my Gay self and those people spoke to me at a deep and lasting level.

I have just seen it again, today, at the London Film Festival, and was moved beyond words.

I imagine that many of those men subsequently died to AIDS. The trauma to our community, in losing so many wonderful people, exists today.

To those men and women still living, thank you. I hope you are healthy and happy.

I was struck by the shared sense, then, of a tide of change and optimism, in the face of institutionalised persecution and oppression.

Today some of us have more rights (primarily thanks to these brave Queers) but also less politicisation and optimism. I wish that every Queer person would take the time to witness this excellent film and let those stories fill their hearts.

Thanks to Outfest and their partners for bringing this gem back to life.

I will always remember the absolute sincerity, authenticity, humour and courage of all the subjects. You are sources of inspiration for me. God bless you all.

Steve Ryan

Ps I hope a region 2 version of the dvd will be made available to us Europeans!

[editor: The WORD IS OUT dvd is region free so it can play in most countries around the world.]

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